Retail Recruitment 101

Over the past few months you have probably heard about a number of new businesses coming to Kingsville.  TownePlace Suites, Hobby Lobby, HEB Curbside, Taco Palenque and Chicken Express are just a few of the new businesses that have or are moving in to our community.  Exciting, right?!

Retail recruitment is one of the primary focuses of the Greater Kingsville Economic Development Council.  We have chosen to take this approach because the data shows us that our market is losing roughly $240 million each year in retail sales going to other cities or online sales.  Retaining a portion of this money would ultimately help improve the quality of life in our community.    

Data drives the recruitment process.  Retailers and restaurants have a formula that they use to identify markets that are the best fit for their business.  We use those same formulas to help us identify who to recruit.  For some, like Hobby Lobby, the Kingsville market/consumer matches up well.  For others, based on our demographics we just are not a good fit for them. 

Two of the primary factors that drive whether our community can be a good fit for a potential business are population and income.  These limiting factors represent two of our biggest challenges when recruiting.  Unfortunately, some of the restaurants most commonly brought up to us on social media do not fit our market because of these factors. 

The Kingsville EDC’s efforts are directly are leading to job creation, new development, and new options for Kingsville.  We know that not everyone will love each restaurant that we bring to town but know that with each successful recruitment, we are able to prove that our area has the potential to support more and more businesses. 

The Greater Kingsville Economic Development Council is a non-profit corporation funded by both private and public dollars.  Formed in 1987 as a joint effort between the City of Kingsville and Kleberg County, Texas, the Council helps to maintain the quality of life in the area by promoting economic opportunity in the region.  To learn more about the Greater Kingsville Economic Development Council please visit